CMD Desk

As the Chairman of Oswal Group, I drive the textile industry forward with a focus on value-added yarns, fabric and global expansion. Our commitment to quality, cost competitiveness and innovation, ensures optimal cost management, creating sustainable growth and enhanced stakeholder value for the future.

- Adish Oswal

In my capacity as the Chairman of Oswal Group, my unwavering commitment has been to elevate our organization's standing in the textile industry through dedicated service. The group's strategic focus remains on the production of value-added yarns and fabric, coupled with the exploration of new export markets. Our distinctive proposition lies in maintaining cost competitiveness without compromising on quality.

Adaptability is a cornerstone of our approach, as we embrace new and innovative technologies and work practices to stay abreast of changing times. This commitment ensures that we consistently deliver top-notch products to our esteemed customers at competitive prices.

Integral to our success is the holistic development of our workforce, recognizing their pivotal role in our growth trajectory. Amidst a competitive landscape, we diligently strive to optimize costs and enhance sales realization, aiming to provide maximum value to our stakeholders and esteemed business associates.

Brief Introduction of Senior

Adish Oswal

Chairman & Managing Director

"Creativity, excellence, vision: Steering the Oswal Group with fervour."

Adish Oswal, a third-generation entrepreneur, currently spearheads the operations of the Oswal Group, bringing a fresh and dynamic approach to the family legacy. With a strong belief in continuous learning, Adish sought knowledge before entering the corporate arena. A commerce graduate from Delhi University, he has also attended various training programmes on managerial finance, strategy and family business from prestigious institutions such as Harvard University, Boston, IIM Ahmedabad and ISB Hyderabad.

Embarking on his entrepreneurial journey at the young age of 20, he ventured into the garment business. Since 2008, Adish has demonstrated proactive leadership and served as a driving force for the entire organization. During financially uncertain times, his resilient spirit acted as a torchbearer, ensuring the smooth navigation of the group through challenges.

In 2014, he led the Oswal Group into real estate, marking a new vision for the organization with a focus on disruptive innovation and change management. Actively engaging in global networks, he is a member of YPO & EO, broadening his vision and business perspective and contributing significantly to the remarkable success of the Oswal Group.