Welcome to the Oswal Group family, where our core commitment revolves around customer satisfaction and the comprehensive development of our employees. Our work environment is designed to cultivate professional excellence, leveraging a well-structured Performance Management System that propels individuals towards their full potential.

At Oswal, we embrace a unique culture that blends a relaxed atmosphere with focused dedication, fostering an environment conducive to innovation. Prioritizing employee fulfillment, we celebrate diversity and cultivate mutual respect. We firmly believe that achieving remarkable results requires investing in and supporting our people.

Join us on a journey where your growth and success are integral to our collective achievements. Welcome to a workplace where excellence is not just a goal but a way of life.


At Oswal Group, our employees aren't just part of the team – they are integral to our growth and success. Recognizing them as catalyst for progress, we invest in our people with the same vigor as our businesses.

Our commitment to training and development spans from in-house programs to cutting-edge customer satisfaction projects, ensuring a well-rounded approach. From supporting, to providing private health insurance for our office staff, we prioritize the well-being of our team. We cultivate a challenging work environment that empowers employees to unleash their potential. Our organization values 'Progress through Participation,' fostering a culture where hierarchy takes a backseat and promotes open communication.

  • 01 Are you open to change?
  • 02 Are you committed to our shared mission?
  • 03 Are you ready to embrace a collaborative and continuous learning ethos?
  • 04 Are you driven, passionate, and ready to carry the Oswal Group legacy forward?


At Oswal Group, we prioritize our Human Resources, viewing them as valuable Human Capital. Our flexible Human Resource department embraces customization, placing Career Planning and Case as our top priorities.

Emphasizing the Performance Management System, we consistently identify and harness high potential at the group level to navigate evolving challenges and competition. Our primary tool for achieving this is the training and development of talent across various levels.

Adding a personal touch to all our interactions, we foster a family-oriented 'we' feeling approach in our work culture. Join us in cultivating a workplace where people matter most.


Join Oswal Group through our specialized recruitment schemes designed for Textile Graduates (TGT) with a B Tech in Textile Technology & Textile Chemistry and Management Graduates (MT) with an MBA qualification. If you're ready for a career with a company that values your potential, click here to share your updated resume. Let's build a future together!