In 2014, Oswal Group, true to it's innovative spirit, ventured into real estate, pioneering an unconventional path to diversify it's business.

Vardhman Amrante is a leading real estate company dedicated to providing exceptional property solutions. With a commitment to excellence, they specialize in Commercial, Bespoke Residences and Signature Offices and offer a comprehensive range of services to meet the diverse needs of their clients.

It's embodies the visionary leadership of Adish Oswal, founder and third-generation entrepreneur at the helm of the Oswal Group. Conceived in response to local needs, the real estate venture, starting with Vardhman Park, offers affordable plots, villas, floors and commercial spaces. Under Mr. Oswal's stewardship, it has burgeoned into a leading name in Punjab's real estate landscape, distinguished by professionalism and unwavering customer service.

The commitment to creating value for clients' investment defines this venture, seamlessly weaving innovation and customer satisfaction into the fabric of Oswal Group's journey, perpetuating a legacy marked by transformative real estate endeavours in Punjab.

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values that
we stand

to Ethical Standards

A cornerstone of its business philosophy, the company prioritizes fair practices, ensuring that its business transactions adhere to legal and ethical norms and extend across all facets of its operations.

Pursuit of Innovation

The company remains committed to going beyond the mere embrace of cutting-edge technologies; it reflects a culture that encourages creativity, forward-thinking and continuous improvement.


Champions of sustainability, the company demonstrates conscientious practices. It meticulously recycles and reuses water and construction material on its sites and actively engages in educating its stakeholders on environmental awareness, fostering a culture of responsible and conscious individuals.

Global Perspective

The company intentionally embraces a global perspective, seamlessly blending modernity with tradition. This synthesis enriches its offerings, fostering a unique and culturally resonant approach that appeals to diverse audiences worldwide.

Pinnacle of Oswal's Excellence


The Oswal Group, a vertically integrated company in the business of yarn, textile, real estate and apparel business, among others, maintains a comprehensive set of facilities to support its operations.

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Quality Policy

The quality policy of the company is intricately woven into its core objectives of becoming a market leader and underscores its holistic commitment to excellence.

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As the Oswal Group continues to experience consistent growth, it is steadily establishing itself as a notable force in the industry, It’s earning acclaim for its excellence across various facets, further solidifies its reputation as a standout performer in the business landscape.

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