Brief Introduction of Senior

Rattan Chand Oswal

Rattan Chand Oswal

15 May, 1915 - 06 Jan, 1998

"Building an empire, one day at a time"

Rattan Chand Oswal played a pivotal role in shaping the success of the Vardhman Group. The corporate journey commenced under his visionary leadership, focusing on Vardhman Spinning & General Mill (VSGM) located in the industrial hub of Ludhiana.

Incorporated in December 1962, VSGM initiated commercial production of yarn in 1965, starting with 14,000 spindles. At a turning point in 1977-1978 the company diversified into spinning acrylic yarn, the first textile mill in the country to spin acrylic on modified cotton spindles. Additionally, VSGM earned the distinction of being the first to introduce 'Hand Knitting Yarn'. Ratan Chand Oswal’s leadership not only fostered growth but also instilled immense credibility in the Oswal name, earning respect for his high principles of integrity and honest dealings.

Ashok Oswal

Ashok Oswal

08 Feb, 1955 - 15 Nov, 2018

"Committed to innovation, growth and empowerment."

Ashok Oswal was a visionary leader, who in 2003, with foresight and dynamic leadership, guided the Oswal Group to break away from Vardhman. His flagship company was Vardhman Polytex Limited (VPL).

Under his leadership, not only maintained its status as a market leader but also established itself as one of the prominent players in the Indian textile industry. A law graduate, he brought strong expertise and flair to the realm of cotton procurement, a critical factor influencing production costs and, consequently, profitability.

The Oswal Group underwent substantial expansion under his leadership and guidance. His belief in empowering and investing in a professional team, played a crucial role in driving the overall growth of the organization. His legacy of leadership is characterized by a commitment to excellence, strategic vision and the cultivation of a collaborative and growth-oriented work culture within the Oswal Group.