Investor Relations is an important part of business. It involves maintaining communication between a company and its investors and keeping things transparent by providing financial information, addressing queries and fostering a sense of trust and confidence among stakeholders.


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Newspaper Publication - Notice Section 201
Newspaper Publication - 36th AGM Notice
General Meeting/Postal Ballot
Voting Results - Postal Ballot 04.05.2024
Postal Ballot Notice dated 28.03.2024
Voting Results AGM 2023
Proceedings AGM 2023
Proceedings EGM 16.06.2023
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Voting Results of 38th AGM 24.09.2018
Proceedings of 38th AGM 24.09.2018
Notice of 38th AGM 24.09.2018
Voting Results of 37th AGM 2017
Proceedings of 37th AGM 09.09.2017
Notice of 37th Annual General Meeting
Voting Results of 36th AGM 30.09.2016
Proceedings of 36th AGM 30.09.2016
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Other Intimations
Statement of Deviation- March 2024
Half Yearly RPT- March 2024
Outcome of Board Meeting 27.05.2024
Intimation of Board Meeting 27.05.2024
Annual Secretarial Compliance Report 2024
ISIN after Sub-division/split
Reg 30- Change in Senior Management 13.04.2024
Record Date for Sub-division/split
Reg 30- Change in Senior Management 04.05.2024
Reg 30 - Postal Ballot Notice 2024
Resignation of Mr. Sandeep Mehta
Outcome of Board Meeting 28.03.2024
Trading Window Closure 01.04.2024
Notice of Board Meeting 28.03.2024
Reg 30 - Closure 06.03.2024
Reg 30 - Additional Details 14.02.2024
Outcome of Board Meeting 13.02.2024
Notice of Board Meeting 13.02.2023
Status Dec - 2023
Reg 30 Changes in Senior Management 27.12.2023
Reg 30 Changes in Senior Management Change 20.12.2023
Outcome Board Meeting 09.11.2023
Deviation Sep - 2023
Half Yearly RPT - Sep 2023
Reg 30 CDR Phoenix 2023
Intimation Board Meeting 09.11.2023
Board Meeting Outcome 26.10.2023
Trading Window Sep - 2023
Resignation of Mr. Sanjeev Joshi
Board Meeting Outcome Allotment 09.09.2023
Deviation State 30.06.2023
Outcome Board Meeting 08.08.2023
Intimation Board Meeting 08.08.2023
Outcome Board Meeting 18.07.2023
Trading Window Closure July - 2023
Outcome Board Meeting 27.06.2023
Half Yearly RPT Mar-2023
Board Meeting Outcome 30.05.2023
VPL ASCR Reg. 24.03.2023
Intimation Board Meeting 30.05.2023
Outcome Board Meeting 18.05.2023
PCS Certificate - Preferential Issue 2024
Report for Preferential Issue 2024
OTS PSB 22.03.2023
Outcome of Board Meeting 13.02.2023
Intimation Board Meeting 13.02.2023
Reg 30 OTS with J&K Bank 23
Trading Window Closure Jan - 2023
Trading Window Closure Mar-2023
Reg 30 Axis Bank Debt Assignment
Outcome of Board Meeting 14.11.2022
Notice of Board Meeting 14.11.2022
Trading Window Closure Oct-2022
Notice of Board Meeting 12.08.2022
Reg 30 J&K Assignment
Reg 30 OTS with Indian Bank
Reg 30 OTS with PNB
Trading Window Closure Jul-2022
Outcome of Board Meeting 23.06.2022
Notice of Board Meeting 23.06.2022
Half Yearly RPT Mar-2022
Notice of Board Meeting 30.05.2022
Reg 30 OTS Intimation
Trading Window Closure Apr-2022
Notice of Board Meeting 12.02.2022
KMP authorised under regulaton 30
Trading Window Closure Jan-2022
Appointment of Mr. Sandeep Mehta
Resignation of Harpal Singh
RPT For Half Year Ended 30.09.2021
Outcome Board Meeting 13.11.2021
Reg 30 Canara Bank Debt Assignment
Trading Window Closure Oct-2021
Outcome Board Meeting 13.08.2021
Intimation Board Meeting Aug-2021
Trading Window Closure July-2021
Board Meeting Outcome 30.06.2021
Annual Secretarial Compliance Report 2021
Trading Window 01.04.2021
Board Meeting Intimation 12.02.2021
Board Meeting Intimation 12.11.2020
Resignation of Aarti Sharma
ID Appointment - Mr. Hardeep Singh
Board Meeting Outcome 01.09.2020
Annual Secretarial Compliance Report 2020
Board Meeting Postponed 10.07.2020
Board Meeting Notice 29.06.2020
Intimation Reg30 21.05.2020
Temporary Disruption of Opreations Due to Covid-19
Board Meeting Intimation 12.02.2020
Trading Window Closure Jan-2020
Board Meeting Notice 13.02.2019
Encumbrance Detail
Outcome of Board Meeting 02.01.2019
Annual Secretaril Compliance Report 2019
Board Meeting Notice 13.11.2019
Board Meeting 10.08.2019
Outcome Board Meeting 12.11.2018
Request for pan and bank details from physical Shareholders
Outcome of Board Meeting 30.05.2018
This is to inform you that Ms. Aarti Rawat has been appointed as an Additional Director (Non-Executive) w.e.f. 30.05.2018 to hold office as an Independent Director of the Company w.e.f 30.05.2018
This is to inform you that Mr. Harpal Singh has been appointed as an Additional Director (Non-Executive) w.e.f. 24.05.2018 to hold office as an Independent Director of the Company w.e.f 24.05.2018
Regulation 30 of SEBI 24.04.2018
Regulation 30 - Resgistration of Mr. M.D.Kanitkar
Demise of Mr. Ajay Chaudhry
Outcome of Board Meeting 14.02.2018
Resignation of Mr. Ashok Kumar Goyal
Outcome of Board Meeting 13.12.2017
Outcome of Board Meeting 24.11.2017
Notice of Board Meeting 208th
ICRA Rating 2017
Outcome of Board Meeting 13.09.2017
Notice of Board Meeting 13.09.2017
Outcome of Board Meeting 12.08.2017
Resignation of Mr. Vishal Oswal
Outcome of Board Meeting 29.05.2017
Resignation of Mrs Rakhi Oswal
Notice of Plant Analysis Meeting on 18 & 19 Feb-2017
Notice of Plant Analysis Meeting on 11&13 Feb 2017
Press Release 15.11.2016
Outcome of Board Meeting 11.11.2016
Outcome of Board Meeting 12.08.2016
Outcome Board Meeting 30.05.2016
Resignation of Mr. Amit Jain
Notice to Designated Persons
Outcome of Board Meeting 12.08.2022